Q: How much is it to rent a margarita machine from The Margarita Man of WI?

A: Margarita machines are $200 per day. All of our prices include delivery and pickup within 30 miles of our location. Each machine includes one half gallon of gourmet mix, 50 cups, salt and a salt rimmer.

Q: How many drinks does one bottle of concentrate make?

A: Once you add your liquor, water and the half-gallon of gourmet concentrate of traditional flavor margaritas will yield about five gallons or about 70 eight-ounce drinks. We recommend one batch of mix for every 40-50 guests. Each machine is capable of serving drinks for about 100 guests. If you expect more guests, a second machine is strongly recommended. Extra mixes are available for $25/half gallon and we offer a full refund if the mixes are unopened.

Q: Who provides the liquor and how much is needed?

A: You provide all of the liquor. A medium strength batch of margaritas calls for three liters tequila, and between one liter triple sec. Remember, you have full control over how strong you want your margaritas.

Q: Are the machines easy to use?

A: Yes! First, add water, alcohol and mix into the bucket provided. Second, stir and pour contents into top of machine. Third, turn on the machine and enjoy your party. Normally we will start the first batc for you so you can watch. We will also leave you printed instructions with you. Remember, Margarita Machines need NO ICE.

Q: Do I need to buy ice?

A: No, the machine does all the work.

Q: How long does the first batch take?

A: The first batch of drinks will freeze down in about forty minutes. There is no waiting between batches because you can add to the reservoir as you need to. You can do this at any time, but you should preferably do this before the machines' mix-low alert light comes on.

Q: What else do I need to know?

A: There are a few more things

  1. For those who have never rented our machines before, you'll find that one half to three quarters of your guests may elect a frozen drink instead of beer or wine. This generally means you can reduce the amount of beer and wine you purchase.
  2. The margarita machines will operate more efficiently if you operate them in the shade when outdoors in the daytime.
  3. You will need a 110 volt, 20 amp circuit that is dedicated to running each margarita machine. If you're uncertain as to what this means, please feel free to call us.
  4. We will provide a 12 gauge extension cord with each rental. Our cords are generally 25 feet long and we strongly discourage you from using other cords. Cord length should never exceed 50 feet.
  5. If your party is being held in a facility that has steps, please tell when you rent the machine.
  6. DO NOT move the margarita machine, period. They are extremely expensive and extremely top heavy, weighing about 200lbs. Moving the machine will result in a fadditional fee of $500.00.